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  1. My dog has been here twice now, and each time I was unsatisfied. The first time, I had to go back for rework and pay for their service again. The second time, I showed them a picture of what I wanted exactly and they told me my puppy would be ready at 1:30PM. I came at 2:30PM and heard my dog crying and yelling! I also had to wait for 15 minutes before he was even ready. Not only did he look horrible (he is a goldendoodle who now has a VERY un-even haircut) but they charged me $100 and had a very hard time explaining why it cost so much. They couldn’t even show me a a list of services and prices…. Do not go here!

  2. We have two labradoodles and have been looking for a groomer with experience grooming these kinds of dogs. Little Groomers was recommended to us specifically for their high quality in grooming doodles. We were incredibly disappointed when we picked the two dogs up to find that our older, bigger doodle (midsize) had several cuts. One above his eyebrow, one on the back of his ear, and one on his paw. Besides the unflattering cut they gave our dog, the injuries and time the appointment took (6hours) is unacceptable. When we called to inquire about his injuries, the lady who groomed him “didn’t remember cutting him or anything like that” and ask if we would bring our dog in for “proof.” The fact that this was even brought to their attention should be proof enough. Its evident these groomers don’t know how to handle such sensitive areas on a pet, and I would caution you on your next visit with them. Needless to say, we don’t be bringing our dogs back.

  3. I adore this place…they are warm, friendly and do a terrific job…my Mia use to be terrified being groomed— not anymore, we found the right place!!!
    Much gratitude to these beautiful souls…

  4. Technicians were wonderful. If it were not for the owner I would go back and be a steady steam of income for this business. However when picking up my dog I was visiting with the technician and holding him for some finishing touches when the owner appeared. With no previous meeting or any such greeting she told me to leave. I’ve been a Business owner for over 25 years. I understand there are rules and expectations you have as a business owner. But you are the face of the business. The way you behave reflects on your business and those who depend on it for their livelihood. Being kind and interested would have kept me as a customer. This business owner was either having a bad day or has zero interpersonal skills. Either way I will not be back.

  5. We had a horrible experience at another groomer so we were pretty nervous about taking our dog somewhere else, but Valerie was amazing!!
    She was patient and loved on our girl, Dellah.
    I highly recommend taking your babies to see her. You can tell she loves what she does.
    We will definitely continue taking Dellah to see her.

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