5 Replies to “The Dog Spot and The Cat Pad – Dog Grooming, Boulder”

  1. My dog LOVES it here! The owners and employees really care about the dogs having a good day.

  2. These guys go out of their way to make it a positive experience for everyone. Owners get daily photos of their pets via social media so that we can see how our fur babies are doing. And the pets (in our case, a very shy cat) get love and attention and whatever level of socialization they’re comfortable with. The cat rooms are comfy and well-stocked with cozy, hiding, and climbing spaces. And the staff are fantastic – friendly, patient, and you can tell they genuinely love cats. They went well above and beyond in managing an unexpected health issue the first time our cat stayed with them – they were in constant communication with us, the adjacent vet, our vet, and they were even willing to drive to our vet to get what was needed! Communication is great, and overall this place is AMAZING. It’s not the most convenient location for us (we’re 12 miles away), but we won’t take our cat anywhere else. LOVE the Cat Pad!!!

  3. Callie always home happy and exhausted! Ben and Shannon are running an amazing shop!

  4. This was a great place for us to find. We’ve tried a few different boarding options in Boulder and Broomfield but The Cat Pad has become our favorite. We’ve only boarded our cat here once but we were impressed with the facility and the staff. The cat rooms are spacious and feel comfortable. Ours included a window view with a perch for viewing the birds outdoors and a cozy bed for our cat to lounge on. There were regular Facebook updates that assured us our cat was being well cared for and that really offers you that extra piece of mind while traveling away from home. Our cat suffers from being placed in to new and unfamiliar environments but the team at The Cat Pad had him feeling at home in no time. Thanks very much. We will be back.

  5. We love this place so much! Our pup flies out of the car when he sees where we’re going and that if nothing else says loads about how great this place is! He’s always been loved and cared for like he’s family. They always go above and beyond to accommodate us and we couldn’t be more pleased with the service and care us and our dog gets from Ben and Shannon and the staff here!!!

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