5 Replies to “Struttin Pup – Dog Grooming, Boulder”

  1. I love this place for grooming! Best option for grooming in Boulder county as far as I’m concerned. Prices are way better than the big chains, they are done in half the time, and they are much cleaner and better brushes than at other groomers. I also feel like the groomers here really care about your dogs. I have a Newfoundland and a golden retriever so I have some hairy and hard to groom dogs! This is the only place I’ll take them!

  2. Great selection on dog food/toys and the staff is very friendly. I wish they carried more cat litter though so I didn’t have to go anywhere else!

  3. The type of food pets get really does impact their health. It shows in the coat, but my animals have always lived very long lives and I believe the healthy foods and treats I get at Struttin Pup has been a big part of their quality, long lives. Plus they are a great place to come help puppies learn socialization. They have so many answers to everyday challenges!

  4. We took our dog to this groomer for the first time after someone with the same breed of dog recommended them. The person we spoke to over the phone was great. Troy was friendly, accommodating, and welcoming, but the good stops there. When we arrived for the appointment, the groomer didn’t really seem to want to deal with me nor our dog. She was quick and short with answers and told us she would not have time to wash our dog. When we arrived to pick him up, the lady at the front wanted to charge us a different price than quoted. I understand the a change in price, but I did not appreciate her attitude when I mentioned the discrepancy. She also told us our dog was washed, when he wasn’t and I was told he wouldn’t be washed. After paying, she went back to get our dog and was loudly talking badly about myself, my dog and the price. My husband, myself and another customer could hear them making rude comments about us. I did not like that at all. That is horrible customer service and treatment of people.

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