5 Replies to “PetSmart – Dog Grooming, Boulder”

  1. I only shop here for products, not services (or small animals) so keep that in mind. It’s always well stocked, they are friendly & they actually open at 7 as they publish. It can be a bit tricky getting someone to ring you out that early but don’t hold that against them.

  2. I’m only giving 4 because I always have to ask for guidance 50 percent of the time here. Very laid back in terms of customer service.

    I like the fact you can get kitty litter by the scoop, and pay by weight.

  3. Great pet store that has everything. Great selection of dog food and there is dog grooming on site.

  4. I brought my Aussie here for a grooming and am immensly disappointed. I asked for the usual aussie “teddy cut” and my dog looks like they barely touched him. All they did was trim his leg feathers, and the lines look like they were cut by a 3 year old (not to mention the feathers are still very long). It doesn’t look like they even brushed him! For 75 dollars I expect AT LEAST his body to be trimmed in somewhat straight lines. I know they didn’t give the proper grooming because he was available to pick up less than an hour later, after being told it would take between 3-4 hours.

  5. Was trying to get an XL dog crate and no less than 3 associates saw me trying to move it by myself and no one asked if I needed help. This isn’t the first time associates have just walked by without acknowledging a customer. The only reason. I shop there is because of the PetSmart name.

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