3 Replies to “Peak To Peak Grooming – Dog Grooming, Boulder”

  1. She is an exceptional Groomer especially for very sensitive dogs like mine. I have to drive a long way to get to her but it is well worth it because my dog comes home happy and healthy which is not the case with all the other groomers I have taken her to see. I even have tried to groom her myself with unhappy results.

  2. We couldn’t have been happier with the service from Peak to Peak. We have a long hair cat that has historically not been good with strangers or vets, but we wanted to try and get him shaved for the summer so he didn’t get burrs, etc caught in his fur. When we called Peak to Peak, we weren’t even sure that she would be able to do the job since given our cats past with strangers. However, everything went great when she showed up and got him on the table. She handled our cat very well and was gentle with him while she shaved. This is a great service for anyone that needs pet grooming, especially if you have a pet that gets stressed in the car. It was so much better just to have her come to our home so our cat was still in a familiar environment. We would definitely recommend Peak to Peak and will use her again next year.

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