5 Replies to “Green Dog Wash – Dog Grooming, Boulder”

  1. Highly reccomend. My dog is a difficult one to groom and they are very patient and caring when working with her. Love the service they provide and their caring attitude.

  2. Friendly, easy to find. Only $25 for self wash with soap, ear wash, toothbrush and blow dry. Went here last year when we were in town

  3. I expect it not to literally rain bad smelling dog hair on my girlfriend, me, and my wet dog when I go in to wash my dog. I understand it’s a grooming business but that was unacceptable. Towards the end of our wash the groomer was blowing hair through the air and all around the room.

    They could have easily waited five or ten minutes for us to finish or could have blown the hair another direction. We will be going to Struttin Pup for their better priced self washes in the future. We left with this other dogs hair in our hair and in our dogs wet hair and it was blowing around the car on the way home. Ridiculous. Separate the rooms or something.

  4. Great experience with our fiesty German Shepherd. Kevin did a great job, especially with nails as that is really a nightmare for my dog. THANK you! Will be back! She looks gorgeous!

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