5 Replies to “Chico’s Grooming Spa – Dog Grooming, Boulder”

  1. Wendy does a wonderful job, and all three of my furbe’s look forward to their grooming appointments!

  2. We love Chico’s grooming. They’ve been taking care of our dogs for several years now and we used to drive 40 minutes to go to their old location. The new location is a little closer so that’s great. Our boys are always in a better mood afterwards than after going to several other groomers in the area.

  3. Chico’s in Niwot is excellent–they groom our toy poodle Tony beautifully and are friendly and polite, and he’s happy to be there.

  4. Super disappointed. I specifically left a hand written note stating that I wanted my Goldendoodle to have a trim and not to shave him down. I picked him up and he looked like a poodle. Plus he had several random spots that were shaved all the way downtown his skin (bald spots). When I called to ask Wendy what happened, she said send me a picture and I’ll take a look. Totally not acknowledging that she messed up. Also, my dog’s “haircut” was completely uneven. I will definitely not be returning to Chico’s. I’m so sad that my puppy’s first trim turned out so terrible. Fortunately, hair grows back.

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