5 Replies to “Weekends – Clothing Stores, Boulder”

  1. I went in, got average service, but found a pair of pants I liked enough to buy. It turns out the MSRP on the pants is $20 less than what they sold them to me for. When I called I was put in touch with the owner, who was incredibly rude and condescending. He defended his right to sell items for whatever he wants. As a result I will never return and I will warn all my friends to never shop there unless you don’t mind paying inflated prices and supporting an owner who doesn’t care about his customers.

  2. If you like nice things and have the money come here. They have really nice fabrics, jeans, shirts, and everything you need. The guy who runs the place is super nice and the guy who owns the place is really nice to. If you are getting a gift for your girlfriend or parents buy it here.

  3. Walked Pearl Street and loitered until this beautiful boutique opened. John, the owner, and Derek, were absolutely lovely. My husband and I appreciate many of the fine brands they carry and enjoyed taking our time shopping and chatting. Both John and Derek gave lots of insights about the area and things we could check out while in Boulder. I couldn’t believe their store has been in business 27 years! It was a lovely experience and I know I’ll be back.

  4. Great selection of high quality clothes but extremely poor service. No one came to help me out or provide any kind of service. Although I like alot of he brands they carry. Will order online through manufacturers. Thanks I guess?

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