5 Replies to “Plato’s Closet – Clothing Stores, Boulder”

  1. Rude, snobby, and tries too hard in the wrong areas, while completely lacking in other areas. Try hiring people enthusiastic about working there, instead of those that are only excited when you leave.
    I’m surprised this place is still in business after the visit I just had.

  2. I was told that my clothes would’ve been done around 5pm, no call, no warning. I go in at 5:30pm and ask about my clothes only to be rudely told that they will be done in about 20 minutes. As I am obviously frustrated walking away the staff behind the counter continues to talk poorly about me. No one even bothered to call to say that the items would take closer to 6. My entire day has been wasted waiting on a staff of uneducated, empty minded, bimbo (girl who was rude to me had her breasts out so much why even bother wearing a shirt at that point) 20 year old girls. Save your time, I’ve never seen such an unorganized store filled with bratty low life girls. This will be the first and last time I’ll ever visit this location. Better off selling your clothes online, half their clothes reek anyways.

  3. Yet again I was looking through tons of good options and was helped right away when I needed it. But my visit yesterday was particularly awesome. I found what I wanted and I maybe got a couple things I shouldn’t have lol. Good selection, super friendly employees.

  4. Horrible customer service. I will never go there again and ensure neither does anyone I know

  5. One of my favorite Plato’s closet locations in the Denver area! The selection of clothes are good, they tend to buy more clothes if you’re a seller, and the employees were pretty nice. Not perfect, but also not bad!

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