5 Replies to “Nod & Rose – Clothing Stores, Boulder”

  1. Nice selection of clothing and jewelry. The customer service has much to be desired though. Every time I’ve gone in there the employee or owner is chatting with friends and fails to even acknowledge that there are customers in the store. I always feel like I’m interrupting a social gathering.

  2. I and few girlfriends stumbled upon Nod & Rose on my bachelorette trip and had a great experience. The shop owner, Elizabeth, was kind and accommodating. We loved the selection and left with some beautiful pieces as reminders of a fun girls’ weekend. I had a little blip with a purchase, noticed an imperfection in an item immediately after purchasing and Elizabeth was quick to respond and correct the issue. Definitely a local business worth stopping by if you’re in the area. Gorgeous inventory and charming local vibes.

  3. I absolutely love the items that I bought at Nod & Rose. I wont take the vest off and the bag is of such high quality, I feel as though Elizabeth finds designers that don’t have the ego to charge exorbitant prices, and provides high quality beautiful pieces. Love working with Elizabeth the owner. She is so kind and helpful. Grateful for a beautiful experience all around

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