5 Replies to “Knit Wit – Clothing Stores, Boulder”

  1. Can I do a negative number for service? I’ve never been spoken to like this owner of Knit Wit spoke to me. No wonder reviews up and down the internet are negative on their customer service. They have beautiful clothes though the selection is minimal. I will never set foot in the place again. I’d rather give Chelsea and Weekends my money. The antithesis of a Boulder establishment.

  2. STAY AWAY FROM KNITWIT! WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER BEEN SUBJECTED TO ever!!!!! My mom is visiting CO and I took her to Boulder today for a girl’s day out. This store was our first stop and I have to say, I will NEVER be back. I am familiar with a lot of brands they carry and they have some cute pieces. I stumbled upon a label I am not familiar with and took a picture of a top that I thought would be cute for my upcoming family pictures. When one of the men that works there came up and said they don’t allow pictures. I honestly thought he was joking because that seems like kind of an upsurd rule. I have worked in boutique retail in Denver for 5 years and I would never tell someone they couldn’t take a picture of a piece they were interested in. We continued to look around and he kept making comments under his breath and I got the sense that he was following me around and not joking so my mom and I verbally agreed to leave. Immediately he said “Yes, please leave. There is a target on 28th street you can go to!” This happened over 5 hours ago and I am still in shock that he treated us and spoke to us the way he did, especially when my mom was considering on purchasing a $300 dress! This store honestly does not deserve to operate business in this state. Please don’t support them.

  3. The best boutique in Boulder (and Denver for that matter). I shop at Knit Wit frequently and have always found their customer service superior to anywhere else in Boulder. The owners call me when they find pieces that they think I might like. In addition, if they know I have a work trip planned they will set aside pieces that might look good with items I already own. Another thing I really love about Knit Wit is that they carry designers that you can’t find anywhere else in Colorado. For instance, my very favorite dress was bought at Knit Wit. It is from a designer in France, was reasonable priced, doesn’t wrinkle and every time I wear it people tell me they love it. They also have a wonderful selection of jewelry that is somewhat artsy and unique.

  4. The store has been there for many years in downtown Boulder so that tells you something about the quality of the clothes and the customer service. The owner is darling, just a very nice person who has an exceptional eye for beautiful clothes.

  5. If I could give a rating of zero stars, I would. I visited this store on a vacation that took me through Boulder. The clothes are lovely. Overpriced, but lovely. However, the owners/employees are beyond rude. They are completely disrespectful, insulting and condescending. Absolutely vile individuals. But hey…what comes around goes around, right?

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