5 Replies to “Jacque Michelle – Clothing Stores, Boulder”

  1. Helpful, professional staff. Quality items. Tends to be more on the expensive end, but it is possible to find quality, moderately-priced items as well. Usually have a nice selection of books appropriate for gift giving. Return policy is quite limited, and they are very strict so best to be 100% confident before making a purchase.

  2. This is the gift store of a lifetime! Best things: jewelry, baby stuff, cards, books, dresses, accessories, candles.

  3. I have shopped at this store a number of times before having children. This shop has a great variety of gifts and toys. If shopping here, be sure not to bring kids. The store clerks do not want them to touch or play with the toys … as it affects resale. Thus they have a designated ‘play’ area so nothing gets messed up by the touch of a child’s hand. My 3 year old son left crying. And be sure to dress up a bit, so they don’t treat you like street rats.

  4. Jacque Michelle is my absolutely favorite store in Boulder. The choices are great and the staff is amazing.
    I often stop un with my granddaughter and she loves it as much as I do. She is fascinated by all of the seasonal displays and can never really pick what her favorite treat will be.The ladies who work here go out of there way to find the perfect gift for her! Thank you ladies for a great experience always!!!!

  5. This is the favorite store for family when they visit us in Boulder. Our family is multi ethnic and mixed race; everyone feels welcome and special when they shop here. Great selection, professional and warm staff and unique, beautiful items.

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