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  1. This is a review of the service department. I love these guys. I would highly recommend Toyota service here. They have always gotten appointment work on time and have always gotten work done without an appointment done in a reasonable amount of time. If they don’t have time for walk-in service they are honest and do their best to set up a reasonable appointment time. Businesses get busy… I haven’t really dealt with sales but I’ve heard good things.

  2. Parts department is on top of their game.


    I wish I could give them 10 stars. A week before a big trip, we had some issues with our Tacoma. The service department was able to get it in on short notice and completed major suspension work. You guys saved our trip, great job!

  3. The Quick Lube here is always great!! I think you could of spent the time to patch a tire for me on a $45,000 Tundra I bought from you! Just patch it from the inside! Don’t tell me it is a $300.00 tire and you can’t fix it. Jarred.. the tire was patched from the inside and placed on my truck by a Michelin dealer in Boulder for free! Not even a hint that this tire would need to be replaced like your advisor stated. Even the Michelin agent said it should of been patched. All you did was try and sell me a new tire. Just a bad business practice!

  4. Very friendly. I’ve purchased four vehicles there since 2014 and would do it again without hesitation. I love their service department. Nothing fancy, but they are fast and courteous.

  5. First I’d just like to say that there is also a Toyota in North Denver (Mountain States Toyota) with excellent customer service and has no dealer handling fees. Boulder Toyota recently did work on my car and charged me for work that didn’t even need to be done on the car in the service department. When I asked them to put my car back to the way it was before they worked on it they refused! Rude and incompetent female named Jennifer Sanders argued and talked over me after I asked her to explain why they did this on the phone. Then I had to hang up on her because she would not let me get one word in and she began calling me back blowing up my phone over and over. I tried to voice my concerns to the service manager named “John Whipple” who was flat and emotionless with no compassion for my situation and obviously did not care at all, in fact he even tried to turn the whole thing around on me, he told me they were going to not give me back my car if I didn’t pay the amount of the work in full and said I was threatening him even though he was the one threatening me to keep my car and not give it back! I felt like I was dealing with 5 year olds! I finally had to call TOYOTA corporate office to file a complaint for what I felt was customer abuse. After 10 years of buying cars and receiving service I will not be returning. Bye Bye unethical, unprofessional Boulder Toyota! YOU ARE NOT GOING TO RIP ME OFF AGAIN! My advice TO Boulder Toyota, hire competent people who are going to be honest and nice to your customers.

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