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  1. So far Gebhardt BMW has been great! Nela was super fun to work with while going over all the features of my car. Cole in sales let me ask a million questions and drive all the cars I needed. Pricing was fair and I got a car I really love. Service experience has also been very good.

  2. Great leasing experience. Excellent Sales and Service. They provide excellent customer care. Special mention Thomas Lesner(Sales) who made the lease return a very easy process and provided top notch customer service. I would highly recommend Gebhardt to my friends and family. Keep up the great work.

  3. I worked with Taylor on my first BMW. She got the vehicle ready for me and made the process really easy and quite fun. The entire dealership was very professional. I will definitely be back and recommend Taylor to all my friends in search of a BMW.

  4. Hate to give a bad review, you can decide. BMW called and offered a “courtesy” inspection and fluids check and top off. Turns out it was a BMW NA phone bank making the appointment, not the dealership and as a result some confusion on the dealership’s part. In the waiting room they were moving a couple of cars around for over 30 minutes with no ventilation (couldn’t it be done when no customers were using the room?), had to leave just to breathe. A very long wait of 1.5 hours later, I get my car back and they foolishly washed the $85 hand wax and $25 wheel treatment off in their low end car wash without asking. First time I’ve had a car look worse than when it went in. They wanted $100 to change a tail light bulb. Took me 7 minutes (8.5 if you include the time it took to order the bulb online) and $2.87 to replace it. Drove the car and in the following three weeks I had these indicators in order: low wiper fluid, low engine oil. Clearly they did not even check the fluid levels or top them off. I suspect this is a scam to try to sell something for $800 per hour labor (true calculation based on time for bulb replacement). Had a good conversation with the knowledgeable sales person while I waited – that was positive! Obviously, I will never play that game again as it is too costly in my time and re-detailing my car for absolutely no benefit.

  5. I love my new car! Aaron was very competent, non-pushy, trustworthy, and I felt very comfortable working with him! I highly recommend Aaron Dereszynski and Gebhardt BMW for a great car buying experience!

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