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 3150 28th St, Boulder, CO 80301, USA

 +1 720-897-5231

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  1. I worked with Andy and the Manager, Adam when I purchased my new vehicle here. Both of those guys were a real pleasure to work with. They were not pushy at all, easy to talk to, and very thorough. They even encouraged me to take the vehicle of interest home for the night in order to get a real, true feel for it before I made my final decision. Totally their idea, not mine. I really feel like they went above and beyond to help me feel comfortable that I was purchasing the right vehicle for me. I’ve heard great things about all the Gebhardt stores in Boulder, and now after working first hand with one of them, I can say I would definitely recommend them!

  2. I bought a used car from Gebhardt in November, 2014. I am very happy with the car. It was sold at a great price. What I was most impressed with is the service. Shortly after purchase, my car was hit in a parking lot. They went out of their way to help get it repaired at a very reasonable price, and they loaned me a car to use while it happened.

    I absolutely recommend looking here if you want a high quality car and a good price, and appreciate good service.

  3. If you want know what it is like to get screwed over by a used car dealer go here. They sold me (single mom of two) a 2012 Nissan Frontier for way too much money, none of the inspection work had been done (virtually no oil in car) and the clutch failed shortly after purchase. They were totally unwilling to help me, saying I bought “as is” and were rude bully’s. Also been trying to get my gap insurance money back for months now. This is a horrible horrible place to buy a car.

  4. Bought a 2012 BMW 535i in August 2015. I worked with Paul Jacobs who was excellent, likable, knowledgable and made the experience. Buz was also very helpful when it came to price negotiation. Still getting to know my new car!

  5. We bought a Used Car from Gebhardt motors in 2015. They were
    not knowledgeable about the car itself but were polite until the sale was finalized.
    We drove the car home to Denver (25 miles) and the next day noticed a leak in the driveway.
    It was understood that the car was purchased ‘As-Is’ but we called Gebhardt to see
    if they could offer advice or assistance.
    What we got, NOTHING, they wouldn’t even return a phone call.
    The leak repair required a $2,000+ power steering assembly.

    Take this review and the other negative reviews for this company as you will.

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