5 Replies to “Gross Reservoir – Campgrounds, Boulder”

  1. The road is a mess so go slow. Bring a shovel to bury your body waste. Don’t be one of those nasty people who just poops on the trail and leaves it. Yes people do that. Bring a shovel so you can bury it.

    Now to the good stuff. This place is beautiful! Clear water, trails and shade. Nice clearings for a big tent. Great way to unwind and end vacation.

  2. No travel trailers or RV want to go here, except a tiny one behind a 4 wheel drive. This is a limited tent camping site, assigned camping places only. Dirt path is one lane, dry weather only, terraced, rocky and wonderful. Perfect camping spots! For the young and healthy, pack your gear and canoe a sizable distance down and up the hill. It’s a good thing… great mountain biking! Most any car can make it dry. I say don’t miss it.

  3. Beautiful area! Most of the campsites have great views. Some shaded and some not. During the late Spring-Early Fall the spots fill up quickly on the weekend. The road in is passable in passenger cars if it’s not been washed out with ruts & dry. Definitely ideal for an SUV. Be aware that you can’t swim in the reservoir, only paddle board, canoe, etc. Check to see if there’s a fire ban ahead of time or bring a propane stove as a backup.

  4. Good facilities and vigilant locals who patrol to enforce the fire ban. Popular lake within easy reach of Bolder or Denver. All car-based camping spots taken, but we carried in and lived the experience

  5. We LOVE camping at Gross!! First off it’s free, second it’s only an hour away and third they have fire pits set up. They have special fire restrictions over the summer regardless, but if you go earlier spring or in the fall you can have a fire.

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