5 Replies to “Gordon Gulch Dispersed Camping Area, CO – Campgrounds, Boulder”

  1. It’s a great place to get away from the city. Obviously when you are close to the city you’ll get a lot of unconscious behaviors but it is what it is. I always pickup garbage left behind by previous campers. This place would be awesome if there were a better water source nearby and a place to put garbage. However with a little traveling you can find great water (city of ward and caribou rd have fresh water to the public) and you can dump your garbage in Nederland for 2 dollars a kitchen sized bag. Happy camping!

  2. Beautiful place with multiple trails that connect back to Switzerland trail for extended atv/bike riding and 4×4 vehicles. Multiple locations for dispersed camping.

  3. Dont go here alone without protection. And make sure ALL of your things are in a safe secure place

  4. This is a rugged and rocky terrain in the Roosevelt National Forest with beautiful views and plentiful in wildlife. 226 is a dirt road with rocks dotting the stretch and parts where it becomes very rough and bumpy and at some points, deeper in, inaccessible, except to 4 wheel drive and private cut offs. My first 2 days i spotted a couple moose, one each day, both bulls, and got alot of video and photography. End of day 2, i was stalked by coyote, after dark, hiking a trail back to camp. Great camping experience. Worth the trip.

  5. Beautiful and private. You can have your space and enjoy your nieghbors if you like. Or not.

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