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  1. My sister and I can in from out of town to stay with my Aunt for a week. We were looking for something to do and came across this reservoir. BEAUTIFUL VIEWS!!! We went paddle boarding at Rocky Mountain Paddle Boarding and spent the day on the beach. Wonderful experience but BRING YOUR OWN FOOD. The ice cream scoops are the size of a two year olds fist. They were out of chicken and nachos and almost every other food item we wanted.

  2. Don’t bother bringing a float. You can’t leave the kiddie zone (a.k.a. the red rope – learn it, know it, live it!). Enjoy the 10 feet out swimming area and try not to bump into other floats or people. I don’t understand the vertical ropes between the swim areas either. This place is on lockdown.

  3. We came to paddle board but were told we couldn’t because they were sold out of permits until January. So not even a certain number allowed per day, but per year?! Then, they had to inspect our paddle board even though we weren’t allowed to take it out. We came to swim at the beach but were told we had to stay in a VERY small area because our little guy isn’t a strong swimmer yet and life jackets aren’t allowed in the deep end. LIFE JACKETS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE DEEP END. If you have a floaty, you can only use it in the very small shallow area and nowhere else. On the other hand, we saw 4 kids with life jackets and their own inflated boat go outside the roped area and the lake patrol went right by them saying nothing. That would normally seem fine, but goes against everything we were told. All the rules don’t make sense, are weirdly enforced and it’s not worth the $7 per person to get in. This place has the bare minimum: water and sand. That’s it.

    If you have a family, I would go elsewhere.

  4. The reservoir itself is beautiful, accessible, and well maintained. Whether you are competing in a triathlon, walking the perimeter, swimming with the kids, having a corporate event (we have had a regular annual employee appreciation here for the last several years), or sunbathing, this is one of the best places in Boulder. The staff at the Boulder Reservoir are extremely friendly and responsive to questions, and the annual pass offerings through Parks and Rec makes the reservoir easily affordable to any family.

  5. Is a great place to start your day. Enjoy watching the CU rowing team do their morning practice, or visit a quieter location, whatever helps you to get a better start to your day.

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