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  1. Reading all of these negative reviews about the campground, I will now share my family’s experience. This is one place that we will never return to. When we first arrived we loved it. I was there when the woman many have spoken of started her first day. She was polite and helpful. Believe it or not, she was pleasant. The next day it was like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde! I witnessed on more than one occasion this woman degrade customers. She also argued with some and talked down to those who asked for her assistance. One particular day a deaf couple arrived and they didn’t understand her when she rudely “spoke” to them without looking at them. She ordered them to read the board on the building instead of being a decent human being and extending her assistance. I took it upon myself to grab paper and pen to assist them. They were extremely grateful. She treats guests as more of a burden than human beings. If the kiosk didn’t read cards multiple times she would argue with the guest and tell them it is a problem with their bank. Mind you at check in there would be numerous guests waiting to pay for their sites with cards and it wouldn’t read any of them. But still they were talked down to and made to feel incompetent by someone who obviously has no business working in Customer Service. My husband contacted and complained management and nothing was ever done even after they were threatened with the media. The day we were scheduled to leave she let someone rent our site that we weren’t even out of yet. We had to get an extension which was approved by the manager and she still informed a guest that the site would be available. When she spoke to me rudely I finally stood up and told her we had already filed a complaint against her for the way she treated guests and her response blew me away. She said to me “I bet you did but what happened? Nothing because I am still here!” Then she angrily said “I do hope you all never come back here.” It is obvious that either the Commissioner’s Office doesn’t read these reviews or they turn a blind eye and allow ignorance to belittle guests who pay everyone of their salaries. There is so much more such as other guests complaining about her as well but I think you get it.

  2. If your idea of a campground includes plenty of room for picnicking, this is not that. Rather, it’s a place to plug in and stay for a few days on the cheap. It’s part of the fairgrounds, and when there’s a horse show or an event, you’re right there. On the rough side, but I like it. All pull-thoughs, 50-30-20 amp and water at each site, dump station. Narrow pull-through sites just wide enough for the rig and slide-outs, shade trees over most sites. One row of big-rig sites. 2018 prices: $25 electric + water, $20 electric only $15 no hookups, $10 dump fee for non-campers.

  3. Good place for us when in town for Dr. appointments. Serves the purpose for us. Dust is the main negative when there hasn’t been much rain and others don’t adhere to the camp speed limit.

  4. Good place to park for the night. I just sleep in the back of my van so it worked for me. They don’t allow tents. Pay with cash or credit at a machine. They have bathrooms and showers. Would have gave 5 stars if I didn’t have to ask other guests what the passcode to the bathroom/shower area was.

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