5 Replies to “Avid4 Adventure – Campgrounds, Boulder”

  1. Avid 4 Adventure is always our favorite summer camp – we make sure to do at least one session each year. The camp counselors are top notch – fun, responsible, and clearly well-trained on how to work with and get the best out of kids. I drop off my kids completely confident that they will be well taken care of. My kids love getting to try all sorts of new things and are tired and happy at the end of each day. I love, too, that the counselors always fill me in on how the day went so I can talk with my kids about what they got to do and what they thought about it all. Cannot say enough good things about this camp – we absolutely love it.

  2. My 6 year old daughter LOVED attending the Avid4 Adventure camp! She had the opportunity to do things she’s never done before such as canoeing, kayaking and mountain biking. Her counselors were so supportive and encouraging which empowered her to try her best during these new adventures. I highly recommend Avid4 Adventure!

  3. Our son attended the Learn to Bike camp this summer with Avid and had a blast! The counselors were professional and fun, and he was so excited to go back to camp each morning. We knew what to expect before camp started, thanks to several informational emails and a welcome phone call from a staff member. We will definitely return next summer!

  4. Our daughters have really enjoyed getting out and trying the whole range of activities, and we’re happy to see them spending healthy active time outdoors. Her first year at Avid, our younger daughter went from very tentative on a bicycle to a fully capable rider. And after doing the skills weeks, they’re starting to try some of the single-skill intensives.

  5. Avid is the best! There is a great mix of activities to keep the kids engaged and excited. The staff is amazing; they truly care about the kids. They remind everyone to drink water, have snacks, re-apply sunscreen, etc. My boys always ask for another week when their week is over.

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