5 Replies to “Foot of the Mountain Motel – Cabins, Boulder”

  1. This place is the cutest! When you walk out of your room, there’s a mountain! The location is wonderful; walking distance to downtown and the Boulder Creek Path is right across the street. I would say it’s ideal for couples, given that it has such a cozy cabin feel! A free continental breakfast was included that we really appreciated. Everyone was super friendly! Although the units appear small, it felt really private. I enjoyed the character of this place, and it’s extremely literal name!

  2. Loved this little motel. The rooms were designed to look like cabins, and were very cozy on the inside. They knew that boulder could get hot during the day and so provided airconditioning units for the room.

  3. Room was too shabby for the price. No microwave, no available bottled water (or vending machines) no ice. Swamp cooler in the room because of no air conditioning. Very noisy. Staff is friendly but rooms could be seriously updated. Excellent grounds for pets however, and right across the street from Boulder Creek Park.

  4. I worked on the weekends for a short while with this company and I had to harass them for over one month to get paid, needless to say I had no choice but to quit. They do not mop the bathroom floors so I would not suggest going barefoot. The workers are not trained on how to use any chemicals for the hot tub so get in with caution. The owners and management are never present and care nothing about their employees mental health and safety. The parking lot during the weekends is full of people visiting the creek, so the cleaners (usually 2-3 max) are having to do security for the guests parking spots, clean the rooms, and answer the phone all without relief or designated breaks. On several occasions the milk for breakfast was unknowingly served sour due to the manager not bringing in fresh supplies. Please tip the staff well, they are over-worked and for less than people make at McDonalds.

  5. Love this place! Sits on the Western edge of Boulder about a mile from Pearl St. Mall, right on Boulder Creek and across from Settler’s Park. Old school motel from 1934. Free WiFi and free simple breakfast. Rooms are clean but old. Staff very friendly. Recommended highly!

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