5 Replies to “Bud and Breakfast – Cabins, Boulder”

  1. What an amazing establishment. Truly blessed Bud and Breakfast exists! I’ll be bringing my fam and friends next time. Thanks so much for the hospitality and wonderful customer service. You guys rock!!

  2. Writing review while I wake up here. Nice, comfortable place. Pretty cool place to come stay. A for sure “Gotta come see!!”

  3. Bud and Breakfast is the best resource for cannabis friendly accommodations. Have used them multiple times and have always had a great experience. Nice customer service and tons of properties

  4. I came from Philly to Denver and was skeptical that this could really be a thing. I arrived at the airport to be picked up by their companies cannabis tour bus. I had a joint in my hand within 5 minutes. We stopped at a local dispensary and I was able to legally purchase an ounce of AAA flower. This really was not necessary because when I got to my bud and breakfast there was another ounce waiting for me and edibles by the pillow. Fantastic experience! Having now found out that this company has hundreds of B+B’s all over the world, I will never use airbnb again! Bud and Breakfast rocks.

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