5 Replies to “Under The Sun Eatery and Pizzeria – Brew Pubs, Boulder”

  1. I love their late night happy hour (it starts at 9). This is a great place to get some delicious beer and really good pizza. I just tried their fried chicken and it was pretty good. The included honey mustard was refreshing because it wasn’t super sweet, and the hot sauce that came with the chicken was really good.
    The atmosphere is definitely lively, but they have some couches on which to sit and chat, which is a nice addition.

    If you like mountain sun or southern sun you will probably like under the sun.

  2. We had the S.O.B., chicken quesadilla, steak sandwich, and burrito – all were so good. Weird staff policy where any server may help any table, but didn’t have any issues with service at all! Sampled a flight of their beers and noticed a wide variety of unique tastes.. something for everyone.

  3. We had literally 5 different servers. One would come up and ask us a question, then less than 30 seconds later, another server would ask us the exact same question. It happened multiple times. It’s like they didn’t communicate with one another about who had our table, or if it’s a pooling tips situation they still should tell each other our status before approaching us. It was weird. Food was just ok. The overly attentive service made us uncomfortable, especially when one of our 5 servers took our tip off the table while we were still there.

  4. Great service and even better food. We were there for a private wedding event and were very impressed.

  5. Great service, great pizza, great raspberry iced tea, really good comfort food small plates, creative specials, and all the normal Mountain Sun beers.

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