5 Replies to “FATE Brewing Company – Brew Pubs, Boulder”

  1. What a great restaurant to be taken to. The locals definitely know their spots! While everything on our table looked amazing – everyone raved about their order – I went after their burger. Unbelievably fantastic. Of course this is a brew house with great beer. I also tried their ginger ale. That was also amazing for the non-drinkers too! Price of food was spot on, too. The service was terrific.

    The environment is extremely cozy both inside and outside on their patio. We were here at the early summer with great weather for seating outside. If you have trouble with loud places, this place might be tough for you though (inside and outside of the place on the patio). There’s also cornholl on the patio too if you want to make your visit even better.

    Hope you enjoy!

  2. A large brewery with endless beer options. I highly recommend trying the flyers to taste several of their beers before making a decision. Plus this is the cheapest option. I tried the food too and it was very good. The service was friendly and helpful, and they were able to manage a large group of people arriving at the same time. This is a place to visit!

  3. Great view of the Mountains behind with a lovely outdoor patio! They even have shields for the rain so you can still enjoy yourself in any weather.
    With a wide-selection of food and an even better selection of beer, we will definitely make sure to visit here on our next trip to Denver.
    They also offer growlers so we took a few home to share with our friends.

  4. Found myself in boulder for some reason. Had about two hours to kill so I googled looking for some breweries. Found this place. Beers were on point, service was great, very willing to handle my questions, and to top it off they had an awesome liquor selection. Which is hard to find.

  5. Well the beer was quite good and service was good too. A few missteps: salad came w/ no dressing, medium burger was well-done, several items on the modest menu were unavailable, utensils needed some attention. But would go back for another go.

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