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  1. I’m really not happy about having to leave a bad review for this place. But I just have had enough with their crappy service. We kept getting the same waiter every time we went in, and he was just freaking terrible. I asked for a side of bread when we ordered, after they brought our food, and when I basically finished my soup before he FINALLY remembered to put the order in and bring it to me. We also got our food before we got our silverware, which took him SEVEN MINUTES to bring after me asking (I’m not trying to be a psycho, but come on I’m just staring at my food!). All this was the last time we had to endure this guy before telling the owner to get rid of him and he’s ruining their rep for us. So the owner, Justin, asked us to ask for him the next time we came in. Next time, we did, and still got mediocre service! The food is also hit or miss. We find something we like, and go to order it again and it’s not as good.

    I WANT TO LOVE THIS PLACE. But bad service and food that’s amazing one night, and crappy the next is killing it for me.

  2. We’ve eaten here a few times and have always been happy with our experience. However, yesterday we went for lunch and ordered lemon charred cauliflower. Was it good? Absolutely. What was very interesting was the portion size and the plating. For $7 you’d typically expect a true appetizer – this portion size was less than a cup, and I’d expect to pay $2-3 for this anywhere else (esp since cauliflower is dirt cheap). They definitely need to step up their game a little more!

  3. This is a real gem.The beer is very good and the food is awesome! Best of all the people are fantastic! They are very friendly, accommodating and fun. If you like breweries and are in Boulder you need to come to BRU!

  4. Once the hot ticket in town with long lines and the world’s best fried chicken, BRU has calmed down to be a nice local joint in a small strip mall. Their in-house beers are still great but, alas, the chicken is a thing of the past.

  5. We had a great dinner here. Pizza was very good and dessert was delicious. Good beers too and good service.

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