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  1. Clearly, you cannot please everyone.
    I think I do a great job. I have won 4 of my last 5 trials, including 2 felony sex assault cases, a DUI case and a civil case (my first civil case!), all in the last year. I have also won Title IX university cases, had domestic violence dismissed, and successfully negotiated many favorable plea bargains.
    Sometimes, a client cannot look in the mirror and see that their actions caused their consequences. I want all my clients to get a good result and to move forward with their lives. Some blame me for their actions, telling half truths about their case. Often, it is not unlike the rest of their life. I can only try to help them.
    In a situation where a person sends hundreds of angry texts per day after being asked to stop, a restraining order is likely (definitely) to be issued. That is nearly the exact purpose of such an order.
    Where is my grain of salt?

  2. Mr. Savela represented me in a case with passion and intensity. He was extremely well prepared at every stage of the case, and made sure at all points I understood what was happening. His preparation was especially noticeable during trial. His arguments were well crafted, straightforward and were successful. His efforts kept me both in school and work. I am incredibly grateful and would highly recommend!

  3. Jason Savela is an exceptional attorney. He brings a level of care and expertise that is frankly unsurpassed. If you require a seasoned legal professional with a wealth of creativity, intelligence and integrity to represent you, Jason is your man. He will fight for you with conviction and tenacity. In my experience he consistently beats the odds, achieving impressive results while taking on difficult cases that other attorneys shy away from. Jason is a trial attorney. He will not accept a middling plea offer when a “not guilty” is what is required.

  4. Jason Savela is a great attorney that cares for his clients! Mr. Savela is skilled at navigating the world of law. He not only protects his clients, he goes to next level to get justice for them.
    I will always be grateful for the respect and dedication he provided.
    If you or a loved one has an issue, see this man to save life and reputation. There are other lawyers around but no-one that will protect you or care for you like Jason Savela. From his dedication to continual education to client advocation. He strives to not only be the best for himself, but the best that his clients deserve.
    Don’t make a mistake and go with someone else in the area, that mistake could cost you more then money!

  5. Jason Savela is one of the great trial lawyers in Colorado. He has a unique ability to build trust and connection with a jury.

    Most recently I witnessed him arguing a sex assault case for a client who was falsely accused. Not only did the jury return a not guilty verdict, but over the course of the trial they actually came to care about the client so much that they stayed to talk after the verdict. They reassured the client that he wasn’t just “not guilty,” he was innocent and they believed he was a good person.

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