5 Replies to “The Moorhead Law Group – Attorneys, Boulder”

  1. David is amazing and has a great respect in the court room and is very aware of the options for his clients.

  2. To persuade you to use an attorney based on my limited use of his services in the judicial system, will be difficult. But I do sound my small note of gratitude, nevertheless.

    He came recommended from family friends and I trusted their judgement. He listened well, gave an accurate prediction of the way things would go and still insured I understand other eventualities. He showed preparation by making a contingency plan to take on the opposition, in case it went to jury trial.

    Thanks to Mr. Moorehead.

    When it comes to litigation, trial practice and court protocol, never underestimate the winning appearance, commanding presence and down to earth manner most will appreciate in David.

  3. David was professional and compassionate throughout a very difficult time. He got the result that I wanted! Highly recommend.

  4. I had a potential legal issue when I had a fender bender in my car. Before I knew it, I had the police asking me questions that seemed like they were trying to get me to say something I would regret.

    I wasn’t sure what to do and a friend recommended that I talk to a lawyer, David Moorhead. I’m not very experienced in dealing with lawyers so I was very nervous.

    The first thing David did was to get me to relax. We then discussed my situation and he gave me some great advice.

    I was also concerned about how much it costs to hire a lawyer. David’s costs were very reasonable, so I hired him. He dealt with the police and my issue was resolved in a few days.

    I hate to think what might have happened if I had tried to handle this myself without the aid of a lawyer who knows how the system works.

  5. David Moorhead help me out with two cases. I talked to many other lawyers who said I would have to come back to Colorado and appear to court, David made it so I didn’t even have to come back out there and he got both my cases dropped. He always stays in contact with you and answers any questions you have within just a few hours. I highly recommend the Moorhead Law Group for any trouble you might get into

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