5 Replies to “The Clark Law Firm – Attorneys, Boulder”

  1. I found his website has tons of useful information, and the articles on his blog are top notch!

  2. Very helpful and friendly. I found his website to be useful and informative. He offers a free 30 minute consultation, which allows you to explain your situation and get feedback without being rushed into a situation in which your paying hourly before you get a good feel for the attorney you’re working with. I would recommend Phil Clark to anyone looking for a good defense attorney in the Boulder area.

  3. Mr. Clark/ The Clark Law Firm very friendly and damn smart. If you need help these are your people! Through the whole experience and especially by the end I was thankful that I had found him.

  4. Phil Clark is an amazing, incredible attorney. Extremely knowledgeable about criminal law and proceedures, he is an excellent strategist. Trust him to do an excellent job with your case. He fights for you like it’s his own family he’s defending.

    Personable, full of integrity, caring and honest is how I would describe his demeanor. He won my case brilliantly. We had truth on our side but sometimes it’s not enough. Phil fought hard to get all the pertinent facts heard and we won because of how he presented the evidence and cross examined the other side. I can’t say it strongly enough that this man is an excellent attorney and will give a full 100% effort in order to win your case. So glad another attorney in Denver recommended him to me.

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