5 Replies to “The Burnham Law Firm, PC – Attorneys, Boulder”

  1. Todd Burnham is among the top Boulder divorce attorneys in Colorado. His aggressive and strategic nature make him the best choice for anyone going through divorce, mediation or any other child custody, support or family law matter. I would highly recommend Burnham Law over anyone else in the Boulder divorce law arena.

  2. I hired them for a divorce, the main subject from day 1 was back IRS tax issues. they did not inform, represent, council, and also went into mediation with no agenda, their lack of knowledge representing me in the biggest issue of my divorce has cost me tremendously. I certainly did not recieve the council i needed when Mr Burnham first met with me. i needed professionals that i thought i hired. Apposing counsel definitely out classed them.

  3. Burnham Law is who you want on your side for legal representation. They are sharp, strategic and efficient. In my case, opposing counsel was clearly intimidated and I was extremely pleased with the process.

  4. I hired the Burnham Law firm for an emergency custody case and couldn’t have been more disappointed with the representation. They have their own agenda and could care less about their clients input. The case was never resolved, and since parting ways with them I have contacted other attorneys that are baffled by the lack of representation by this firm.

  5. Aaron Belzer with the Burnham Law Firm is an absolutely outstanding, first-rate attorney. Insightful, strong, articulate, with deep integrity. He has great heart, warmth, and magnetism. Brilliant writer. Top strategist. He has made the most profound impact I think a person could make on my life and the lives of my children…I am immeasurably grateful for what he has done for my family.

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