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  1. Steve is one of the best attorneys in Boulder county. He took a case on behalf of my brother, We had some serious things to consider even in the consult before he was paid he advised us on what needed to be done. The outcome of the case was the best part. He worked with us every step of the way and if your looking for a great attorney hire him and don’t look back.

  2. Steven Louth is the best lawyer I have have ever encountered. This man was extremely confident in his work and really does know the court room inside and out. As my legal process unfolded I could see the advantage Steve had in the court rooms and with the DA and judge. He really knew what he was doing and kept me informed the whole time. I highly recommend Steve for any legal issues, as he really does get the best result possible.

  3. Steven Louth just represented me and is an excellent attorney.
    He is knowledgeable and very kind.
    He returned my calls and texts promptly.
    I called with a very short timeline before my court date and he met with me on the weekend.
    We prevailed in court and he followed up with me.
    I highly recommend him.

  4. Steve represented me on a domestic violence-3rd degree assault charge. He was extremely knowledgeable and confident. You can tell he knows what he’s doing. He guided me through the whole process and really made me feel like everything was going to be ok. He used to be a district attorney for Boulder county so he knows exactly what they’re thinking. I had to wait out the 6 months with two drug tests a week, but it was all worth it because my case got dismissed the week of trial. I was so relieved and happy. Steve knew all along it would be dropped and it was! If you want to have a lawyer that knows all the tricks in the book go with Steve!

  5. Ste ve was very sympathetic to My concerns was straightforward with my options and told me the truth not like most lawyers who tell clients what that want to hear he even accepted an i.o.u for his services I consider him to be my personal attorney for any future legal matters and the only fault I can find is his willingness to help his clients at his own risk who deserve far more punishments than he has won for them

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