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  1. Patricia is a highly skilled and professional attorney with a deep understanding of employment law.
    She continues to work with me to navigate a very challenging case with my employer. She stepped in at a time when my employer was strategically trying to set up a scenario that could lead to my dismissal.
    I have been devoted to my profession for years and I am a skilled professional. It was my greatest desire to continue to work as a skilled professional in a profession that I cherished.
    Patricia has been there, and continues to be there, with me providing the highest degree of legal counsel throughout a very difficult process.
    She has been timely and precise again and again. Paticia Bellac is without a doubt one of the best attorneys in the field of Employment Law. She has earned the highest recommendation I could possibly provide.

  2. I am a practicing attorney with almost 10 years’ experience, and I have had the privilege of working with Patricia over the past year. Patricia has over 20 years’ experience, and it is evident that her knowledge of the law is extensive. Not only is Patricia an experienced and knowledgeable attorney, but she also has integrity and great work ethic. She holds herself to the highest standards of excellence and always does everything she can to attain the best outcome for her clients. As such, over this past year, I have come to trust Patricia’s judgement completely. Patricia also genuinely cares about her clients. I appreciate that Patricia does not pander to her clients, but instead is able to provide direct and honest communication while also being compassionate and kind. Patricia is one of the best attorneys in Boulder, and I recommend her for any business and/or employment law issues you may have.

  3. Patricia and her team are top notch legal professionals. They are always available and responsive to my questions and concerns. She has years of invaluable legal experience to help her clients navigate the confusing world of dealing with insurance companies. Avoid the big law firms, you’ll only be treated like a number. Patricia and her staff are genuinely concerned for you and your case and will work hard to represent you. PSB is affordable for representation or even a simple consultation. I cant recommend this firm highly enough!

  4. Thanks to Patricia Bellac because she really helped me out… and yay, Im so glad I can finally move on to the next chapter! Ms. Bellac offered excellent advice and put in extra, timely effort negotiating an employment agreement amendment for me. I could not have made a deal with my employer without her. She is an excellent lawyer and someone who will become a friend.

  5. FHE has used Patricia Bellac as a resource for several years. Her careful attention to the details of our corporate and employment law associated needs has been consistently reliable and of the highest standard. Attorney Bellac also knows her limitations and has been a reliable source of referrals to other professionals who can fill various needs.

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