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  1. Professional and expert with great service. I was guided through the process from start to finish and supported at every step to a successful outcome. I would absolutely recommend Lisa and her team.

  2. Lisa herself is a very good lawyer technically, the problem with her firm has arisen over the last several years, and is in my opinion evidence of greed on this attorney’s part which has really compromised her practice. The result for us being that we have spent thousands in the last year for a family member’s immigration, we have had to abandon the case now for lack of funds, and Lisa cannot continue with our case unless we add a fresh retainer for her services once again for the same case. The problem with her firm is that she uses paralegals instead of junior attorneys, and charges $200/ hour for their labor. I believe this fact has compromised our case, and has a lot to do with why our case failed, so many small incompetent errors which delayed our case. This is very inappropriate for her to be charging $200/hour for a paralegal, who is most likely getting paid less than $30 per hour. To give an example of why I feel this is inappropriate, I will use the example of another attorney(in real estate law) who I am presently retaining, he is Stanford trained, charges $300 per hour for his labor, but the main difference is he does not employ any paralegals to do work that should be done by an attorney. He uses junior Lawyers only and he charges $150/ per hour for their labor, and my guess is his markup for that labor still exceeds 100%.
    Why is Lisa Battan charging such a huge markup for what amounts to a paralegal? Our case was a difficult one and there are never any guarantees when you retain an attorney, I know this, However there were a number of amateurish mistakes that were made on our case, for example, information on the mailing instructions was left out when sending a critical document internationally that the consulate needed, this delay alone cost weeks, when we really only had days. Mistakes like this and many others that were made by her paralegals, and I do believe that had our case been handled by a junior attorney or Lisa herself, the outcome may well have been different, and there would not have been a litany of errors like the one above. When an Attorney is charging $350 per hour for her labor, I don’t think it is fair for her to pass the case on to a paralegal, and then charge $200/ hour for them to incompetently handle the case.

  3. We worked with attorney Leigh Alpert in order to obtain permanent residency for me, mainly because we didn’t have the time to go through the procedure ourselves. While I was expecting a lengthy and painful process, Leigh made it a smooth and in some ways fun experience. Looking back, we are confidant that we made the right decision in being represented by Leigh. I highly recommend this firm for any immigration needs.

  4. I have worked with Lisa since 2011 (7 years). She came highly recommended and she and her team have always been excellent, thorough, highly professional and helpful. Immigration is always a little nerve racking – Lisa and her team help make it a calm and easy process. They have helped me gain two O-1 Visas, and just this past week, I received my Green Card approval, which they also represented me for (Leigh Alpert was our case attorney for the Green Card and she was excellent). I will go back to Lisa for my dual citizenship and cannot recommend her and her team enough. It was worth every dollar to be in such capable hands and not try to tackle this myself (as a few exhausted looking friends in similar positions told me they had done!!)

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