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  1. Where do I begin? Lance and his team were a complete Godsend to one of the lowest points in our life…

    We reached out to Lance after our backs were against the wall, and we didn’t know what we were going to do. From the beginning, Lance’s assurance, leadership, and support helped pick us up off the floor.

    If took us some time to gather the resources, but Lance stayed patient and helpful throughout the waiting period. Once we started through the process, he turned all of the legal jargon into a simple language that we felt comfortable with.

    Our case was FAR from ordinary, but Lance and his team went above and beyond what we ever expected from them, and we were blown away.

    His communication was prompt and top-notch. His office staff was kind, courteous, and efficient – & they ALWAYS made sure we were well-taken care of.

    Thank you ALL so much for helping us through that tough time in our lives, and we are INCREDIBLY blessed to have found a professional and friendly team like Goff & Goff.

    Much appreciation,
    The Thomas’

  2. I hired Lance Goff to handle my Chapter 7 Bankruptcy after previously filing with another “reputable” attorney who messed up my case. After my file was audited by the U.S. Trustee, my previous counsel was going to let them dismiss my case, not being able to account for the audit. Had I not contacted Lance, I would have been on the hook once again with my creditors after struggling already for 12 years to pay them. When my case was left for dead and only days away from being dismissed, Lance took over. He re-ran the Means Test to determine my income and look at expenses and found a couple of minor deductions missed by my previous lawyer. These deductions (although minor) were extremely critical to my case, since I was on a very thin line to meeting the qualifications. Once everything was re-figured, Lance made the necessary adjustments to my schedules aside with correcting a long list of errors made by my previous attorney. Then, he addressed all the issues with the U.S. Trustee. The end result… Lance SAVED my case after all hope was lost! Ironically, Lance being my last call, I contacted many other attorneys in the Denver metro. Most of them did not seem interested in talking or listening to me unless they could charge me a lot of money, but not Lance. From the second we first spoke up to the time my problems were resolved, he listened and actually insisted on helping me. From my experience, Lance is extremely down-to-earth, genuinely caring, and he is only interested in achieving the best results for his clients. I quickly developed a good relationship with Lance. As an attorney, he demonstrates a very high sense of urgency, is intellectually sharp, extremely detail oriented, highly motivated and sincerely shows a great passion in his work. Also, being empathetic to my situation, he even charged me less than he normally does and went far above and beyond for what I paid. If I knew before what I do now, I would have hired Lance from the start, which would have saved my wife and I both a lot of stress and headaches. One thing I learned is that bankruptcy is a very meticulous legal process, especially under extreme circumstances like mine. Having a good experienced, knowledgeable attorney on your side is crucial when filing. After working with Lance, I would not recommend any other attorney. In the years of being stuck in bondage to my creditors, nearly the same amount of time has passed since my wife and I were married. Because of our circumstances, we put off having a family. Now I can say we are debt free and able to focus on the important things that matter for our future (and soon, hopefully children). Thanks to Lance, no more creditors to put first. Honestly, we can never repay or thank him enough for all that he’s done for us in such a short time. He is a true professional.

  3. If it was possible I would give this firm 10 STARS! The experience with this law firm was amazing! When you feel there is no one to help you, when you’re facing circumstances that are overwhelming and destructive to your well-being, call Goff & Goff. No matter how emotional and distraught, my wife and I were, Lance Goff stayed the course and protected our family. We battled a wealthy and determined advisary and Lance Goff won the day. I feel that an average attorney would have long since given up, but this attorney just doesn’t give up. Thank you for believing in us and saving us from total financial ruin. Thank you again to all at the firm, most of all Gail.

  4. Lance was my attorney for my divorce. He is meticulous and detail-oriented, which is necessary when dividing assets in a complex divorce. He knew what he was doing because he has a high level of experience, and was able to work quickly and efficiently, which I am sure saved me attorney fees. He listened carefully and compassionately when I had concerns, responded quickly whenever I called or emailed, gave me sound legal advice to help me understand my rights and how a divorce works in Colorado, and worked with me to have a strong strategy going into mediation. There were also some complex financial issues involving a federal government pension and survivor annuity benefits in my divorce and Lance was able to analyze those issues, and explain those issues to the mediator, which resulted in my receiving a very good settlement. Lance is a skilled negotiator, which became apparent when mediation went just as he predicted and every one of my goals was achieved. Lance also wrote a court order regarding the federal pension and survivor annuity, which was approved within weeks by the Office of Personnel Management. Normally, the processing of court ordered benefits by OPM takes months, but because of Lance’s legal expertise, OPM approved the order more quickly than usual. There were other complex issues as well in my divorce, including consideration of tax consequences of receiving and dividing certain assets, but Lance worked carefully through each one. In the end, I received a settlement that was far better than I had anticipated. If you need a divorce attorney who is smart, efficient, meticulous and doesn’t miss any of the details, and who is also compassionate and truly cares about you as a person, not just as a client, then I would highly recommend Lance Goff.

  5. You are correct. Ms. Goff until this morning represented the father of my son. I found her to be extremely unprofessional. There have been multiple social services reports against the father, and in each case she defended her client. After the most recent incident which resulted in two assault felony charges she pressured me about visitation and when I tried to explain that my son was not interested in seeing his father she asked me “why I married him? why would you have a child with him?,” which I actually never had been married to him. She had no sensitivity regarding the charges. I have had my son for nearly a year and half and because of protection orders and she has pushed out having a hearing for child support multiple times. Two days ago her client plead guilty in the criminal case. I contacted the office via email to ask if we could finally schedule the hearing on child support. I received no response. I had to call the office to find out that she has withdrawn from representation of the father. I have had a custody case in which I thought the other party’s lawyer was totally professional and kind and I would give that firm five stars. This was not my experience with Goff and Goff. My experience was that they were unkind, insensitive, and unprofessional. I will say when I called today that the paralegal was kind. I guess the one star can be for her.

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