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  1. My husband and I recently purchased a condominium in Denver and I contacted Joiner Goodman and Greenstein to have an attorney review the contract, the title commitment, and other aspects of the transaction for the sole purpose of gaining piece of mind in what is for most people the biggest investment that they will ever make in their lives. I worked with the attorney Zachary Grey who specializes in real estate transactions. I cannot say enough about the quality of the service that I received from him. He was able to answer all of our questions, alleviate any concerns that we had that were ill-founded, and he also identified some details of the title that needed to be changed in order to protect our interests. The title company gladly made those changes. In addition to his thoroughness, we valued his responsiveness and his ability to translate legal terms into a language we could understand. Working with him was money well spent and I would highly recommend the use of an attorney – this attorney – when purchasing a home.

  2. We worked with Michael Smeenk for our estate planning. He was wonderful in walking us through the process and answering any and all of our questions. He worked with us on our tight timeline and had everything done I time. As for cost, they seemed to be pretty comparable to other firms. I highly recommend him and know that our family has used another attorney in the firm, whom was also good. I would use them again in a heartbeat!

  3. My husband and I were dealing with an Oil and Gas Land man that was extremely pushy. We needed to make sure we were protecting ourselves and property before signing a land lease and Zac was so knowledgeable and helpful with our situation. He handled everyone of our needs. Terrific experience with Zac in a very stressful situation.

  4. Several years after I had a home go into foreclosure, I started getting statements from a mortgage company that had carried my equity line of credit. I thought that it had been so long that it was past the statute of limitations. However, I started getting very anxious that I would be liable for repayment of this mortgage. I began researching statutes of limitations on line and found an article written by Mr. Mike Smeenk. I decided to call him for a consultation. I spoke at first to Julia Occhuizzo who patiently listened to me as I tried to explain my problem and concerns. When she thought she understood she told me that she would set up a phone consultation with Mr. Smeenk. She sent me an email outlining the documentation they would need from me and confirming a phone consultation time. At the time of the consultation Mike ( that’s how he introduced himself ) was very professional, clearly had read all the material I had sent him and much to my relief confirmed that It was past the statute of limitations. He explained ,as he wrote in his article, that I had the letter of acceleration, which I had received seven and a half years ago from the bank, which is the key peice of documentation that starts the clock on the six year statute of limitation. He outlined my options in contacting the bank and I felt very comfortable in letting him handle the situation. I would highly recommend both Mike and Julia. I would also highly recommend reading his article Statute of Limitations on Colorado Home Loan Default which can be found on the firms website.

  5. Gary Joiner a 5 Star Securities Lawyer I have used him multiple times and he got the job done quickly & efficantly .

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